Kindle for Mac: Download Latest Version of Kindle

By | June 1, 2017

Kindle for Mac: Hope you guys might be known about the Kindle Software. This is used for reading the books. Kindle is now also available on the PC. Today in this tutorial we are going to discuss the Kindle for Mac. The Kindle software can also be used on the Mac devices. Now Kindle software for Mac brings the entire Kindle library onto your Desktop. One can’t carry all the books at a time hence with the evolution of Kindle it is easy for the book lovers to have all the books at a time on their desktop.

Kindle for Mac – A Simple way to Read

If you have the Kindle, it is easy for the people to store the books aside. When you open the Kindle App, the window appears which displays the Kindle for Mac. We can also observe the two arrows which show ‘How to Access Your Library’ and also ‘Shop for More books.’ The main thing is that before accessing the library, one must have an account in the Amazon. After registering into the Amazon, you can observe a lot of books are loaded into the “Archive.” Every book cover will be displayed in the full color along with the title, author, and other details, etc.

kindle-mac-4 Kindle for Mac: Download Latest Version of Kindle

In the library view, you can observe the best way which displays lots of collection of books which looks like a shelf in your house. Various books which are related to the kids, elder, inspirational stories and as well as a lot of other books are available in this Kindle software. The toolbar in the Kindle software helps out in separating the books which you are currently reading and currently download books onto your Mac device etc. into “Home” and the books that are already read or have yet to download which will be stored in the Archived items.

Readers can also sort the books by title names and author and as well as the recently viewed books. With the help of Amazon Whispersync technology when we double click on the book cover it opens the book on to the last page which we have read. This is the amazing feature of the Kindle Software.

The functionality of Kindle:

kindle-mac-4 Kindle for Mac: Download Latest Version of Kindle

The Kindle on Mac is offering the same functionality which you are expecting from the Kindle Applications. When you open, it will automatically download and then moves to the ‘Home’ screen. The ‘refresh’ button which is available in the Kindle software will sync the data if i is necessary. The books which you have listed will be in the ‘Archived Items.’

We can adjust the font size and also some words per line, brightness, mode of color, etc. And also we can set the view to the single-pane or double-pane. The search option is available in the top right corner, and hence we can quickly and easily access the book.

The other options available in the Kindle software is that a right-hand sidebar opens, when you click on a particular result it takes you to the selected page. And a red bar will be present in the search results which indicates where you are in the book. With just a single click you can go back to the original page.

kindle-mac-4 Kindle for Mac: Download Latest Version of Kindle

Full-Screen Reading

By clicking on the Full-Screen option we can read the books very comfortably. If you used the Safari browser full-screen option you can observe the same familiarities with this Kindle Mac. While scrolling the mouse up and down we can progress through the pages. With the help of right and left arrows, we can navigate to the previous and next page.

kindle-mac-4 Kindle for Mac: Download Latest Version of Kindle

Kindle for Mac is the software designed by the famous online retailer Amazon to replace the physical books. The Kindle is designed because the reading App must not be distracting and hence it is designed. But is is great that Amazon is offering a wide range of ebooks library to the ebook lovers.

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